The Viking Social & Upliftment Trust

The Viking Social & Upliftment Trust is a formal trust that was established in 2003 to centralise and coordinate the many donations made to local Non Profit Organisations (NPOs) by the Viking Fishing Group.

The Viking Social & Upliftment Trust is a 5% shareholder in the Viking Fishing Group. Its share of the company’s profit is disbursed annually to over 35 beneficiaries. These beneficiaries represent a wide range of established NPOs.

For example, three of the NPOs that benefit annually from donations made by the Viking Social & Upliftment Trust are:

Over and above the annual donations made by the Viking Social & Upliftment Trust, each company in the Viking Fishing Group does as much as it can to help the community within which it operates. For example, Selecta Sea Products hosts an annual Christmas party for a local primary school.

The National Sea Rescue Institute

With hundreds of its employees working at sea on any day of the year, it’s no wonder the Viking Fishing Group is an avid supporter of the NSRI.

The NSRI is an organisation that saves lives on South African waters. It is run by 940 highly skilled, unpaid volunteers who are on standby day and night throughout the year.

The NSRI maintains 32 sea rescue bases, a fleet of 89 rescue craft and 57 rescue vehicles. It also has access to helicopters and enjoys a good working relationship with other emergency services, believing that lives are saved through team effort.

Donations and sponsorships − like the annual donations made by Viking Fishing − cover the R27.5 million per year running costs of the NSRI.

Girls and Boys Town

The Viking Social & Upliftment Trust supports Girls and Boys Town, a NPO that operates children’s homes, youth development centres and community “family” homes throughout South Africa, providing residential care to children whose families cannot cope or who do not thrive in foster care.

Girls and Boys Town was founded in South Africa in 1958 and in the ensuing decades it has given thousands of children of all races, genders, faith and languages a second chance in life.

Groote Schuur Hospital

Groote Schuur Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Cape Town. It is wholly State funded, but steady budget cuts and rising costs means that the hospital increasingly relies on donations and funding from the private sector to purchase and upgrade medical equipment and facilities.

Each year, the Viking Social & Upliftment Trust makes a substantial contribution to Groote Schuur Hospital and other hospitals in the greater Cape Town region (including Victoria Hospital and Somerset Hospital), helping to ensure that these hospitals are able to provide comprehensive medical care to the citizens of Cape Town.

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