Our employees

The Viking Fishing Division employs 1 400 South Africans across its fishing, processing and marketing operations. The Division’s main activity is deep-sea and inshore trawling and, consequently, the majority of employees are engaged in fishing. Contrary to widely held opinion, fishermen working in South Africa’s deep-sea and inshore fisheries are not underpaid or exploited − instead their interests are protected by a unique labour relations framework.

The Bargaining Council for the fishing industry provides a forum in which trade unions and employers negotiate around salaries and benefits for seagoing workers. A Collective Agreement sets out basic conditions of employment for workers. These include set daily wages for each category of worker, set hours of work, regulated rest and leave periods, as well as paid shore leave and annual holidays.

All full-time employees of the Viking Fishing Division enjoy a range of employee benefits including: pension and provident fund and medical aid benefits.

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