About Viking Fishing Group

Our employees

The Viking Fishing Group employs 1 250 South Africans across its fishing, processing, marketing and aquaculture operations.

One of the characteristics that sets Viking Fishing apart from its competitors is the high degree of technical expertise that resides in the company. A large, well trained and highly experienced team of marine specialists is engaged in maintaining, modifying and repairing the Viking Fishing fleet and, as a result, the company has become a training ground for countless artisans − from fitters to mechanics and carpenters.

Like all South African companies, Viking Fishing closely monitors the racial and gender structure of its workforce and strives to meet transformation goals. Many of Viking Fishing’s permanent employees own a share of the company through the Viking Staff Share Trust. The Trust was constituted in 1996 for the benefit of all employees working for the Viking Fishing Group.  The Trust currently holds a 20% interest in Viking Fishing Holdings. An annual dividend is paid to members of the Trust.

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